Our Library Regulations

Borrowing and Returning Regulations

  1. Students who want to borrow books from the library must hold a student ID card of the school, and they can borrow books after completing the procedures.

  2. Student ID cards cannot be lent to others.

  3. Borrowing period: Books and magazines can be borrowed for two weeks each time, audio-visual materials and CD-ROMs can be borrowed for one week each time, and can be renewed once after the expiration.

  4. Number of books to borrow: Secondary 1 to 7 are limited to 7 books at a time.   

  5. Overdue books will be fined 50 cents per day, and so on.

  6. If the book is damaged or lost, the borrower shall be responsible for compensation.

  7. Books can be borrowed in advance. For details, please contact the library leader on duty.