Our Library Regulations

Code of Practice for Library Prefects and their Duties

Code of Practices: 

  1. Team members must wear a library badge while on duty

  2. Do not assign or leave the post without authorization

  3. Non-duty team members are not allowed to enter the borrowing and returning counter

  4. Do not talk, review your homework or read books while on duty

  5. Team members are responsible for maintaining order in the library

  6. Every library prefect is obliged to answer the inquiries from schoolmates, please ask the team leader for further assistance.  

  7. You should ask the team leader for early leave in advance, it is not allowed to be absent without reason.


Duties of Team leaders 

  1. To check the books brought out of the library have been stamped with return date


Notes on borrowing and returning books:

  1. Students who want to borrow or renew library books must hold their student ID cards before they can go through the borrowing procedures

  2. Pay attention to whether the borrowed books have been pre-loaned

  3. Book loan period is two weeks

  4. Pay attention to the date of stamping, the date of returning the book is subject to the computer

  5. There is a limit of seven books per person, and ten books for long holidays

  6. Overdue return of books will be fined 50 cents per day

  7. Pay attention to whether students have answers when they return the books, and put the answer book in the answer folder

  8. Pay attention to whether students have CDs when returning the books, and place the CDs in the CD rack

  9. Do not pile up books on the borrow and return bookshelf

  10. Input the information of pre-loan books and distribute pre-loan notices


Notes on packing books:

  1. Sort books from carts and place them back on shelves accurately

  2. Pay attention to the placement of large books (O), reference books (R), Hong Kong materials (HK), Diploma Examination (DSE), Chinese bookshelves with classification numbers 848 and 857, and the difference between the reading levels of English novels

  3. Do not put the answer book on the shelf

  4. Each row of bookshelves has 3 inches wide space and a book stand

  5. Put the magazine back in the magazine rack


Computer management:

  1. Responsible for handling the procedures for students to use the computer

  2. Register and collect fees for students' computer printouts

  3. Guide students how to use the school's online search library resource system



Assist the library in sorting out new books, such as stamping, wrapping and posting deadlines, and repairing old books