Our Library Regulations

Computer use rules

  1. If you want to use the computer facilities, you must present the student's identification document and fill in the "Multimedia Self-Learning Computer Facility Use Record Form", and submit it to the library staff for approval before you can use it.

  2. Use time: Each use time is fifteen minutes.

  3. Students are strictly prohibited from distributing or viewing web pages containing obscene, indecent, violent, objectionable, defamatory, intimidating or discriminatory content through the library network; or participating in online games or gambling.

  4. The reproduction of copyright works is restricted by the Copyright Ordinance. When using library computer facilities to print, scan, download and browse the Internet, users must ensure that copyright is not infringed.

  5. Users are not allowed to damage the facilities in the center or change the system settings of the workstations.

  6. If the equipment is damaged, the borrower shall compensate according to the price and accept punishment.